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Welcome to SCAN!

A group of Church of England communities in Milton Keynes  serving the North Buckinghamshire villages of Sherington, Chicheley, North Crawley, Astwood and Hardmead.

We are part of the Newport Deanery in the Diocese of Oxford, and governed by SCAN Parochial Church Council (SCAN PCC), a charity, whose members are elected by the three village churches

Resouces are on this site for everyone to use, including our podcasts and communities pages

All are welcome to join us for worship:  virtually all services in our churches  are now suspended in line with latest government and national church advice from November 5th 2020 until early December 2020 when there will be a further review

Our priest in charge, Revd Coralie, would love to hear from you!

Please visit this site regularly for updates  -  and contact us by phone or email on the link above.  Don't forget to follow us on  Facebook, link below, where Sunday and other online service reminders and links (among other things!) will be posted. 


Government guidance- opening churches

SCAN church buildings are currently unavailable for public worship. Further information and guidance about  government announcements is available on the here, and further local and Diocesan information will be published on this website as soon as its available.  Safety is the key priority for our communities

Further resouces are on this site for everyone to use.  Please visit  regularly for updates and contact us by phone or email on the page links above

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Emerging from coronovirus

More resources are available from the Oxford Diocese here

SCAN parish virtual services

In the current national emergency, we have tried to signpost lots of resources on the site including information on regular Oxford Diocese streamed services and local community info.  Prayers, videos and audio clips with familiar voices and faces are on the Services and  Videos and Podcasts pages, and follow the  link below to our Facebook page and YouTube channel for all our online services.

From Sunday 15th November watch out for our online Sunday services, accessible via our YouTube channel and this page during the time our churches are closed in Lockdown 2.


MK Food Bank

Andy Forbes, pastor of Kings Church in Wolverton wrote recently to SCAN parish about the work of Food Bank Xtra which we've been supporting every week since lockdown 1 through collection and delivery of donations from our villages. St Lawrence, Chicheley recently donated more than 2 trolleys worth alone after their Harvest Festival service last month!

Donations are taken to Kings Church which acts a a major collection point in Milton Keynes  with the warehouse in Stacey Bushes for Food Bank work across the city.

"FOODBANK MK in 2018 & 2019:

In the years 2018 & 2019 FOODBANK with its 13 centres gave out food parcels to 13,000 – 14,000 people across all of Milton Keynes, of which Kings Community Centre gave out to 900 people in both 2018 & 2019.

SINCE LOCK DOWN 23rd March 2020:

Since the first day the UK locked down Kings Community Centre and FOODBANK have been incredibly busy giving your donations (along with others) to those in very real need. People have come from all “walks of life” and who have never been out of work, and never claimed benefits and don’t know how to do so. Whole families have stood outside of our doors in tears, and we have had the great privilege of giving them food and supplies, it’s incredibly moving to be able to help them. Every time your villages deliver food we smile with JOY as we get to see what you don’t, relief, tears, some one cares, and so on. THANK YOU SCAN PARISH!

In half term we were inundated with families with school children so much so that we ran out of stock school meal packs within just 30 mins. We phoned FOODBANK warehouse who got in their car and delivered another larger load which shot out of our door to the people in the queues waiting.

In the past 34 weeks since 2rd March 2020, we have given FOODBANK Parcels to 6,500 people from our front door, we have added Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Toiletries, Bread and all sorts from public donations, with at least 3 food parcels per person making over 19,500 food parcels in just 34 weeks, we are stunned!

LUNCH TAKE AWAY: We have also given out 5,000 servings of hot food and sandwiches in 34 Thursdays to those who need some hot food in them, every Thursday this is increasing.  We can’t thank you enough on behalf of those who now have food, instead of hunger and fear. Every time I wrote an article for the town magazine its out of date figure wise in just a few weeks such is the demand.


God Bless, Andy

Andy Forbes (Pastor) King’s Church MK King’s Church Community Centre Creed Street, Wolverton MK12 5LY

Charity no. 1102341 Charitable Co Reg No: 5014713"

For more info about how to donate see our Community page

St Laud's Sherington

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