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The last day of Advent window 2021- Angels at St Lauds, Sherington

Blessing St Firmins church, Epiphany 2022


We're a group of large and small villages in Milton Keynes, North Bucks- Sherington, Chicheley, Astwood, Hardmead and North Crawley

The parish is goverened by Scan PCC, a charity, whose members are elected by the 3 churches at the heart of their communities, and is part of the Newport Deanery in the Anglican Diocese of Oxford.

Revd. Coralie Mansfield, our Priest in Charge, would love to hear from you!

Further information about us and what we do, including details of services and how to contact us can be found on this website. Its also worth following us on Facebook

Our churches in North Crawley and Sherington are now open every day; please exercise caution and observe Covid precautions when visiting

Blessing the crib and Carol singing at N Crawley. Over 100 people braved a downpour on Christmas Eve! Thanks to local pub, The Cock, who provided mulled cider and hot mince pies to help keep us warm!

The banner at St Lauds showing temperature changes in the climate since 1850, used widely at the recent CAP 26 conference in Glasgow

Sherington Church of England school's collection for MK FoodBank, Christmas 2021

St Laud's Sherington

St Lawrence Chicheley

St Firmins, North Crawley

Sunday 16th January 22 - 2nd Sunday after Epiphany


9.30 am Holy Communion, St Lauds, Sherington



Please note masks are to be worn at all times whilst in our buildings after changes to Covid 19 guidance

SCAN Sunday and Featival services are listed on the services page;  these

and other services are also there and updated quarterly

Due to public health, national and Diocesan church and government advice and regulation change, all services may be  liable to alteration at short notice.  Please follow us on Facebook or contact churchwardens to keep informed about the latest position








SCAN- letter for December 2021- January 2022

Here we are again, THAT time of year when Christmas looms around the corner and it feels like another year has seemingly flown by in a flash. As we get older time really does seem to pass so much faster than in our youth!

But in fact, it’s been another difficult, drawn out year for many of us, coping with the aftermath of Covid lockdowns and the continuing uncertainty of what might flair up in the coming weeks and months as we advance through winter and the season of colds and flu…..

Nonetheless, the thought of Christmas can offer us a welcome lightening of the spirit, and thereby we hold on to the promise of Hope for better things to come; for each of us, for all nations and for the world around us in the grip of climate crisis and anxiety for the future.

On 28th November the season of Advent began; traditionally a period of penitence and reflection when we prepare for the coming of the Christ-Child once more into our lives, with all the promise of renewal and new life as we move from darkness to light.

In the church, we move from the green liturgical colour of ‘ordinary time’ to the purple of Advent, which it’s sombre connotations of pain and suffering alongside the royal welcoming of a new King.

For many people the more secular aspects and celebrations of the Christmas season have long since dominated this period which actually points irrevocably towards the season of Lent and Passiontide. In our churches we prepare the Advent Wreaths, with their candles of purple, pink and white to light us through each week of December. Each colour represents a specific element of spiritual preparation for Christians awaiting the birth of Jesus. The purpose of Advent each year is to prepare anew our own hearts; to make changes and commit to make room in our lives for the coming of Christ on Christmas Day.

The countdown begins with lighting a purple candle set within a circle of evergreen foliage which symbolises God’s eternal Love present in all creation. Purple symbolises fasting and repentance, which aligns with the spiritual discipline of self-denial and allegiance, first and foremost, to God above all things. Some churches may use a blue candle instead of purple, in order to distinguish Advent from Lent more specifically, some might see in the colour blue a reference to the waters of Creation in Genesis 1.

Whether blue or purple, the first candle is known as the Prophecy candle, or the light of Hope. The second is the candle of Preparation, or the Bethlehem candle, which is the same colour. On the third Sunday, the pink or rose candle is lit; this is Gaudete Sunday, corresponding to Mothering Sunday in Lent, and representing Joy. As the light of the Advent season increases this marks the shift away from penitence towards a sense of coming celebration and thanksgiving. Some people know this as the Shepherd’s candle, perhaps prefiguring happiness and the gift of the baby Jesus to Mary. The fourth candle is also purple and is sometimes called the Angel’s candle- it symbolises Peace and is lit on the last Sunday of Advent. If there is a fifth candle included in the ring, this is white, placed in the centre of the circle, and is lit on Christmas day to represent the arrival of Christ as the Light of the World in our midst.

For Christians, the ritual and symbolism connected with the lighting of the Advent Candles is a lovely way to reflect and ponder once more on the true meaning of Christmas in our own lives. What do we need to prioritise, what clutter do we need to clear, what kind of hospitality and welcome are we preparing to offer once more to the newly revealed Christ-Child in our hearts and homes this Christmas and in the year ahead?

Love, Joy and Peace to you all this Advent and Christmastide

Reverend Coralie.

St Lauds Christmas Fair 2021

Thanks so much to the Ladybyrds Emporium and to to everyone who helped on the 27th November to organise, promote and help on the day.  It went really well!  Thanks also to soul and jazz band Lend us a Tenor and dance group Swing Dance MK, Sherington Folk Group and the Sherington school and church choirs who provided music and entertainment through the day - and the other volunteers who made and served hot drinks, food and cakes tirelessly.  We wish you a merry Christmas! 

We'll report how much was raised for the church and dementia communities in Bucks when counting's complete.


SheringTots is back! Thursdays 9 to 11.15am @St Lauds

For more info, phone Jo Lusted on 07780987034

St Lauds Sherington coffee meetings are back too! First Saturday in the month 10-12 for yuumy cakes, hot drinks and natter!

Calling all singers - with experience or none!

SCAN choir is lookng for people interested in singing at our church services and encouraging the congregation! 

Our first choir rehearsal as we move cautiously out of the pandemic is Wednesday, 1st September at 7.30.  We meet at St Lauds, Sherington every Wednesday in choir term time and would love to see you.  No experience necessary!

Annual Meeting 25th May 2021 at 7.30pm by ZOOM


Download the Agenda and Annual Report

Wider skills needed for the work of the Diocese

From the Diocesan Secretary, Mark Humphriss, October 2021

It feels a season for new starts. Last week it was a joy to have an (on-site) induction session for our new Diocesan Synod with about 80 people attending. There were presentations, questions (a key part of accountability), and we worshipped together. Later in the week Bishop Steven and I were pleased to host an orientation session for 27 clergy who are either new to the diocese or new to incumbency roles.

Voting closes this week for elections for the new General Synod, as does voting by Diocesan Synod onto various diocesan committees. And, of course, we are emerging from a global pandemic, albeit not knowing whether it will be a smooth path or not.

Joining in the decision-making processes of the Church at whatever level (national, diocesan, deanery or parish) is an opportunity for service, as we share our gifts and listen to one another, but above all to God, discerning the right way forward for his Church.

As part of our recent governance review at diocesan level, we are now providing more induction material, as we hope you do locally, to enable newcomers not to feel baffled and to be able to contribute from the outset. We are aware that, as well as within Diocesan Synod, there are many people across our diocese who have professional gifts and experience that would be a valuable contribution to the corporate life of the Church. We are now extending the invitation to indicate what skills, experience and interests you have that could perhaps be drawn upon at diocesan (or archdeaconry) level in the future. Do you have anyone in your congregation who might be open to contributing in this way – or would you?

You/they may be in a busy job but would consider giving us a few hours for a working group or committee when the right opportunity comes along that draws on your/their gifts. This will also help us to broaden our diversity in a variety of ways in reflecting the communities we serve. Please prayerfully consider this. Relevant information is here and Sue Zajac ( email: will happily answer any questions. Our appointments committee, which makes its recommendations to Bishop’s Council, would be so grateful. If we are to be a Christ-like Church we need and want to reflect the range of skills and experience God has given both to us and to those in our communities. 

Oxford Diocese Annual Review 2021

An extraordinary year

This year, perhaps as never before, we’ve witnessed the tremendous value of being part of a diocese, supporting and listening to one another, working in partnership with each other and across our local communities. It is remarkable what our parishes, schools and chaplaincies have achieved during this extraordinary year.

Deep appreciation and thanks go to each of our teachers, our clergy and lay ministers, our wardens, church officers, and volunteers. Your work to minister to the dying and their families, to schools, to those facing food shortages, to your communities in so many different ways has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Bishop Steven Croft and Mark Humphriss, Diocesan Secretary

Read the review here

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